Trees are a beautiful wall feature for a nursery or child's bedroom, and even a living area.  Trees are natural, timeless and can be updated easily with more more stickers as children get older.  And also on the branches, you may have some of your photos on to make a family photo tree.
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 Make your own forest wall decals. This is lovely over a crib, dresser, or changing ta..
£127.0 £87.8
This wall decal is about a large cherry blossom tree with so many colorful flowers on its branches. ..
£92.4 £60.8
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This tree wall mural has an elegant appearance as it transforms your living room or nursery walls ..
£77.0 £60.1
large tree wall decal with so many colorful leaves blowing in the wind, great for nursery & home..
£77.0 £59.3
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You can apply this wall decal in any room as you like. It will bring you a fresh sense and it will a..
£192.5 £98.6
This Family like branches on a tree wall decor features a beautiful family quote wall art perfect fo..
Tree with Elephant Wall Decal. With this decal you instantly turn regular nursery or any other room ..
This birch tree forest with a deer and buck are the perfect backdrop to set off your woodland nurser..
£169.4 £100.1
 There are 21 cactus decals in one set. Each cactus decal is approximately 5" tall.&nb..
 Wall Decals are a simple and excellent way to add color and excitement to a Playroom, Nurs..
£84.7 £69.3
Our Weeping Willow Tree Decal with Cherry Blossoms creates nature-inspired elegance in any room of y..
£169.4 £130.9
This wall decal is a large family tree with so many leaves on its branches.What is special of th..
£50.0 £29.0
SIZE: Small: 128cm wide x 115cm high WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE:-tree and anima..
£107.8 £29.7
This wall decal is about some lovely plum blossom on the branches. You may paste this decal in your ..
£30.8 £22.7
50cm wide x 60cm high Fresh Green Plants   Fresh Green Plants Stickers for W..
£32.3 £10.8
This wall decal is about a large linden tree with some birds flying around. You may paste this decal..
£53.9 £45.0
This wall decal is 2 loving birds standing on the plum blossom branch and there are also so many lea..
£46.2 £37.3
This wall decal is about a tall tree with some birds standing on its branches. You may paste this de..
£53.9 £30.0
This wall decal is about a lovely tree with some birds flying around, and also a lovely little house..
£77.0 £60.4
This wall decal is a tree with some lovely birds standing on its branches. You may paste this decal ..
£53.9 £38.3
This wall decal is about a lovely tree with some lovely birds around and a swing hanging on its bran..
£92.4 £58.1
This is one set of 4 birch trees wall decal stickers. You may paste this decal in your living room a..
£92.4 £60.1
This wall decal is branches with some birdcage hanging on and some birds flying around.You may p..
£50.8 £30.0
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This wall decal is about some birds standing on the branch. You may paste this decal in your living ..
£30.8 £13.7
What is special of this tree wall decals is that you may have some of your best photos on the branch..
£192.5 £22.9
This wall decal is a large tree with swinging birds. You may paste this decal in your living room as..
£69.3 £53.7
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This wall decal is about sakura flowers on the branches and around the flowers there are some swallo..
£23.1 £15.1
This wall decal is about a lovely owl standing on the branch of a large tree. You may paste this dec..
£73.1 £53.5
SIZE: 235 cm wide x 140 cm highWHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE:-Tree Decal and animal Decals ..
£84.7 £22.3
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Tree, Fruit of the Spirit, Nursery Decorations, Kids Playroom Church, Gift ..
Monkey see monkey do, monkeys all over your room! Transform your nursery into a home for an adorable..
£100.1 £84.7
Little ones will love our three adorable monkeys swinging from swooping vines! This wall decal is pe..
£75.5 £60.1
 SIZE : 142cm wide x 150cm high 171cm wide x 180cm high 200cm wide x 210cm high ..
£95.5 £74.7
Quote, bees & bee trails will come separate so that you can arrange the set how you'd like. ..
£38.5 £30.8
157cm wide x 107cm highVarious Beautiful Leaves Wall Stickers   Our S..
£33.9 £22.3
 You can adjust the width to fit your wall.We can resize the design and make it suitabl..
£207.9 £127.8
 Our Birch Trees with Birds and Deer Wall Decal is perfect for a nature-themed nursery or k..
£154.0 £149.4
Turning your wall into a work of art is so easy with vinyl wall decals. Just stick our decals on you..
SIZE : 215cm wide x 180cm high  250cm wide x 210cm high 287cm wide x 240cm high&..
This large blowing tree will be the hero in your nursery! The cute butterflies make it the perfect d..
£118.6 £80.1
 This beautiful Cactus wall decal set will add a real statement to any room!As they ar..
Turn your room into a Desert Oasis with this large watercolour Cacti set.As they are all indivi..
Crib Canopy Tree wall decals will liven up your baby's crib! They say you shouldn't use a cr..
Large cherry blossom tree wall decal with blowing flowers, birds and cages on it. 2 colors as your o..
£92.4 £61.6
All pieces come separate so that you can arrange them how you'd like. SIZE:  ..
£38.5 £35.0
 This Deer in the Woods Decal Silhouette Scene will go great in any room where you want to ..
£16.9 £13.1
Babay's name with monogram, an elephant wall decal is cute and fun for baby room decor and perfe..
A beautiful fairy on a mushroom holding a flower with butterfly wall decals. It is great for a Nurse..
£30.8 £20.0
This custom name decal for nursery and kids room is personalized with your child's name with for..
This silhouette of a tree in bloom—with its many branches and birds, perched or soaring—..
£138.6 £103.2
 This is a Green Potted Cactus Plants Vinyl Wall Stickers for Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Kitch..
Introducing our Tree Wall Stickers
Welcome to our HappyWallz wall stickers online shop, and in this part you will find some wonderful tree wall stickers designs. As we all know, trees are always standing for the vitality, freshness, pureness or something that is full of life or energy. And many of the large tall trees are growing with so many green and fresh leaves and birds around  them. So just imagine, if you have such a gorgeous and fresh tree in your interior space, what it would be? Pretty amazing, right? For example, you may have a look at a birch tree wall decal with some leaves. That large tall birch trees are quite a perfect fit for your living room, and also for your office. If you love trees, just enjoy shopping in this part, and pick up some great green to your room. We have a lot of different kinds of trees or branches and all the designs are so great!