Bathroom & Laundry Room

Bathroom & Laundry Room
For bathroom & laundry room decors, we always have "Get Naked" quotes or the quotes from your dearest mom "Wash your hands". They will absolutely add a lot of fun to your bathroom. You may apply our bathroom wall stickers on the walls, windows, glass as well as on the surface of the mirror.
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 One set includes 129 gold stars:21 stars - 7.6cm each 36 stars -  5cm   eac..
£26.9 £21.4
Sierra rainbows are full of earthy and natural colors that make you feel like you are walking in a f..
Our Tropical Philodendron Watercolor Wall Decal will turn your nursery, bedroom or dorm into a tropi..
£32.3 £19.2
Lighten your load and spice up your Laundry Room Decor with this elegant and yet fun design!​&nb..
£19.2 £10.0
This decal is perfect for a vanity mirror, bathroom mirror, tub or shower door. SIZE:&n..
£9.9 £4.6
 SIZE: One Set contains 80 butterflies.2.5 cm x 20 pieces    5 &nbs..
£30.8 £22.9
50cm wide x 60cm high Fresh Green Plants   Fresh Green Plants Stickers for W..
£32.3 £10.8
  A beautiful floor sticker for your home or office, Will give your room a refres..
 This wonderful decal will liven up any area of the house and are perfectly safe to use on ..
This wall decal is a kind of motivational quote wall decal with the saying:"Be your own kin..
£19.2 £10.8
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 Beautiful, classy brows and lashes wall decor for your shop and the latest in home decorat..
 Hooray for Anni the Sleepy Bunny, the cutest door decoration ever! She loves flowers, naps..
£35.4 £23.1
 This charming decal is a great addition to any nursery or bedroom wall. It is made of the ..
£41.6 £30.0
Features: 1. 100% Brand New Wall Stickers 2. It can be applied to any smooth , clean and dry surfa..
£19.2 £11.5
This is a timeless design tool as well as a beautiful and cost-effective method of creating a romant..
 Bright up any room with this beautiful and vibrant design! Perfect for permanent or tempo..
£38.5 £26.2
Little girls and boys love flamingos. Girls love that they're pink and cute. Boys love how intri..
Bring any room to life in minutes! This is a wonderful vinyl wall decal quote for that teen trying t..
£19.2 £13.1
3D Self-Adhesive Removable Break Through The Wall Vinyl Football Soccer Wall Stickers/Murals Art Dec..
£23.1 £18.4
This wall decal is a kind of customised quote wall decal of the saying GET NAKED. You may select you..
£11.5 £7.5
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 Unique designed lettering decal which will add some special style for your space! ..
£11.5 £8.1
Start the day off right at home in the bedroom, bathroom or in a dorm room with Hello Gorgeous wall ..
£23.0 £10.0
The latest in home decorating. Beautiful wall vinyl decals, that are simple to apply, are a great ac..
 Add this charming Hot Bath 25 cents sign to your bathroom wall. It's beautiful and swe..
How Can a Man who Can Hit a Deer at 250 Yards Keep Missing the Toilet?Vinyl Wall Decal Quote - T..
£23.1 £13.9
 Decorate your home easy and stunning with these original wall vinyl decals. S..
 This Jurassic dinosaur group wall sticker would make a really striking focal point for a d..
 Retro style wall stickers to brighten any playroom, these bright style stickers are great ..
This laundry room wall decals will add the perfect touch to your laundry room wall decor. This wall ..
£11.5 £6.2
 Available for purchase is "Let it go" in vinyl art. Great for your toilet lid.​S..
 The Window Film is in high quality and can protect your privacy. It's suitable for the..
This type of pattern decorates your kitchen or cabinet with easy for cleaning, oil-proof, water-proo..
Create your own oak leaf patterned wall, ceiling, floor, window, and much more. Create a sophisticat..
 Peppi the pretty Panda animal sticker is the winner choice for any family fond of cuteness..
 1. Made of soft PE foam, anti Children's Collision, take care of your family.2. PE..
Lettering is a creative way to transform any room into a stylish, unique space. By applying this say..
£15.4 £10.0
This laundry wall decal is ideal for displaying in any laundry room or utility room within your home..
 Whether you’re an interior designer or a DIY lover looking for a way to spruce up yo..
 Unique waterproof home mural - the simplest way to change your interior and create a fantastic..
 SIZE:  29cm wide x 28cm high WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE:-Quotes ..
£7.7 £6.9
This wall decal is a kind of family quote wall decal that you may apply in your washroom with the sa..
£7.7 £5.3
This wall decal is a kind of family quote wall decal with the saying:"Bathroom Rules -- was..
This wall decal is a kind of motivational quote wall decal with the saying:"Be your own kin..
£16.9 £15.3
 SIZE: Size 1: 43cm wide x 34cm high Size 2: 58cm wide x 46cm high ..
£19.2 £7.4
 SIZE: 13cm wide x 13cm high 18cm wide x 18cm high 25cm wide x 25cm high 30cm w..
£7.7 £4.5
 SIZE: 38cm wide x 20cm high 46cm wide x 25cm high 56cm wide x 30cm high 76cm w..
£15.4 £11.2
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 SIZE: 30cm wide x 30cm high58cm wide x 57cm high90cm wide x 90cm high ..
£15.4 £10.7
This wall decal is the special quote designed for laundry room.Please note: there are 3 styles o..
£19.2 £15.0
This wall decal is a kind of quote wall decal with the saying:"beach bum".You may have suc..
£23.1 £10.0
This wall decal is a kind of quote wall decal with the saying:"Laundry room." You..
£15.4 £13.5
Welcome to our HappyWallz Decals Online Shop
Hello, welcome to our HappyWallz Wall Decals online shop, and we set this section as bathroom & laundry room under the shopy by room category because we have listed all the vinyl decals that you may apply in your bathroom or laundry room. Most of them are quotes for the room, but they are quite interesting and in great design. For example, we have the quote "Get Naked" for your washroom, and you may paste it on the wall of the washroom or even on the surface of the glass. All of our vinyl decals are high-quality and they will stay on the surface for so many years. Besides the various designs and styles, we are also boosting our vinyl decals as the easy home decors since the installment is quite simple. You may finish the installment completely by yourself or with your families or kids to have some fun. They are really perfect wall decors in modern times.