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We have many different lovely and beautiful fonts for you to choose from for your own words wall dec..
£12.3 £7.5

We have many different lovely and beautiful fonts for you to choose from for your own name wall deca..
£13.9 £9.1

large tree wall decal with so many colorful leaves blowing in the wind, great for nursery & home..
£77.0 £59.3

This wall decal is about a pair of feathers. It belongs to the modern wall decal.You may apply t..
£26.9 £19.7

This wall decal is about a beautiful dandelion with some of her petals flying.It is very gorgeo..
£53.9 £30.6

This lovely design can greet guests in your entry, add a feeling of the warm fuzzies to your family ..
£46.2 £15.4

This wall decal is a customized name with the initial of your name in two colours. It ..
£23.1 £13.6

 These are the most popular Gold Polka Dots Wall Decals.You may lay them out on your wall i..
£15.4 £5.3

This wall decal is a kind of pattern wall decal. They are some lovely triangles.You may lay them..
£11.5 £4.5

Beautiful hanging tree branch vines wall decal set with couple of birds. Not just for babies rooms, ..
£52.4 £50.0

These are some lovely polka dots.Applying such a pattern wall decal in your room will definitely..
£15.4 £7.5

Beautifully scripted monogram wall decal. Choose your own name! Contact us if you want to get a fre..
£30.8 £14.9

This wall decal contains some beautiful butterflies flying around the name decal.You may have y..
£23.1 £13.7

Dream Big Little One with this Fun Stars and Moon Nursery Wall decal design. Includes calligraphy de..
£38.5 £23.1

This Amazing Wall Decals are not only easy to apply and cost effective to change room feeling but it..
£33.9 £10.8

This wall decal is about some beautiful floral Vines, and on the wines there are many flowers and bu..
£37.0 £27.6

This wall decal is a kind of stripe pattern wall decals. It is very beautiful and have a sense of mo..

This wall decal is a customised name with the initial of your name in two colours. And besides&..
£30.8 £29.3

The best things in life are the people you love, the places you've been, and the memories you..
£19.2 £13.7

This wall decal is about a set of butterflies and flowers in different colors and sizes. It is ..
£34.6 £22.9

  Our flower with monogram and name wall decal is perfect for girl's room and nursery decor..

This wall decal is a kind of pattern wall decal. They are some lovely stars in different sizes.Y..
£30.8 £21.3

This wall decal is about some lovely stars and in the middle of the stars you may have your own name..
£19.2 £13.7

 One set includes 129 gold stars:21 stars - 7.6cm each 36 stars -  5cm   eac..
£26.9 £21.4

Our Tropical Philodendron Watercolor Wall Decal will turn your nursery, bedroom or dorm into a tropi..
£32.3 £19.2

This wall decal is about a large cherry blossom tree with so many colorful flowers on its branches. ..
£92.4 £60.8

 Make your own forest wall decals. This is lovely over a crib, dresser, or changing ta..
£127.0 £87.8

 SIZE : 60cm wide x 25cm high 80cm wide x 34cm high 110cm wide x 45cm high 145c..
£26.9 £15.2

This tree wall mural has an elegant appearance as it transforms your living room or nursery walls ..
£77.0 £60.1

Stars Fairy with personalized girl's name and monogram decal is for nursery room or bedroom. you..
£37.0 £17.7

Tree with Elephant Wall Decal. With this decal you instantly turn regular nursery or any other room ..

This wall decal is a kind of pattern wall decal. They are some lovely flowers.You may lay them o..
£27.7 £10.0

 Wall Decals are a simple and excellent way to add color and excitement to a Playroom, Nurs..
£84.7 £69.3

This wall decal is three beautiful butterfly Dandelion flowers, and around them there are some livel..
£37.0 £29.9

Width varies with name length.Personalized Mountain Decal - Perfect for a woodland adventure nur..

This is the easiest way to turn an ordinary room into a Disney theme to be proud of. It's s..

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Welcome to HappyWallz Wall Stickers
Happywallz designs and makes a unique range of decorative wall stickers in brightly coloured matt vinyl which is easy to apply and look as though they're painted onto the wall. These wall decals are fully removable and are the perfect way to brighten up any room in the home. All of our stickers are supplied with full instructions, application tape already applied where necessary.All of our products are designed and made by ourselves, and everything is made to order in your choice of colours - we have 36 matt vinyl colours to choose from. 
Here you will find many amazing wall stickers such as tree wall stickers, nursery wall decals, modern vinyl stickers, silhouette vinyl wall art, flower wall stickers and also wall quotes stickers. What is special, you may have your own decals customized, your name, your family name or something innovative made in your own personality. Welcome to check our Australian website if you are from there. Australia customers can find more  vinyl wall stickers here

     How to Choose A Wall Sticker


You are going to decorate your walls anyway, why not choose a wall sticker that is beautiful and convenient? A wall sticker, also known as a wall decal, is a vinyl sticker that is affixed to a wall or other smooth surface for decoration and informational purposes.Decals can range from simple wall borders and cut out to more complex murals covering entire walls. Wall Decal is a simple and excellent way to add color and excitement to a playroom, nursery, bedroom, or any other rooms that need a boost. They may feature quotes, patterns and designs.All you have to do is choose a sticker that enhances your interior in a fun and unique way. 

We have a wide selection of hundreds of wall stickers in different colors which look like they have been painted on your wall. Our selection ranges from nursery stickers through to wall quotes and tree designs for your home. What is noteworthy is that our products look best because they have no transparent edges.

Here are some introductions and tips we have prepared for you.

1. Nursery Wall Stickers

Wall stickers for the nursery are usually multiform and colourful. This collection is stuffed full of fun and imaginative wall sticker that are ideal for baby’s nurseries and children’s bedrooms. These wall stickers infuse nurseries and bedrooms with color and creativity.

2. Tree Wall Stickers

Plants symbolize life, freshness and warm seasons. Now instead of real plants, you can use our amazing wall stickers! No watering, no fertilizing, no wilting, and it is easy to install. Flower wall stickers with butterflies or birds create an elegant atmosphere in every room. Choose from the almost infinite number of possibilities and find the most beautiful flower design - you will like it.

3. Animal Wall Stickers

There are extensive selections of animal wall sticker including ones suitable for both kids and adults. We feature a variety of styles and animals to help you create the perfect scene on your walls. This collection includes animals such as cats, dogs, lions, fish. etc.

4. Flowers Wall Stickers

Decorating your wall with beautiful flower wall stickers which will look great in any of your rooms, whether it's the bedroom, the kitchen or above your sofa in the living room.  Also, it can last longer than the real thing.

5. Modern Wall Stickers

Modern, relating to a recently developed fashion or style. In this collection, you will find some famous buildings, fashion designs, maps and city landscape that can give you a modern atmosphere.

6. Wall pattern Stickers

Wall pattern sticker includes some little patterns, such as polka dots, triangles, stars, chevron stripes and seamless designs.You can space and place wherever you want because each pattern is individual. Each wall pattern sticker features an iconic shape with seamlessly blending simplicity and detail to add a fun and fresh look to your walls.

7. Silhouette Stickers

If you want to decorate your room with the silhouette of famous peoples, cities or animals, please go to this collection.Our silhouette material is so thin it looks like the silhouettes are painted on the wall. Isn’t this great?



The first thing that you need to think is where you will be placing the wall sticker

If you are planning to purchase it.So we set a page “Shop by Location” in order to give you a free way to do shopping at our site. There are many different branches in this section like nursery & kids’ room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and office.

Wall stickers are particularly popular as they allow personal creativity in home decoration without any damage to the walls. Our stickers are easy to apply and remove, so you can take them off if they are antiquated or you want to change the style.

Applying a wall sticker is an interesting way to express and share your thoughts, ideas and emotions with your family and friends. Also, we can make customized decals such as patterns, names and quotes, which can give you more choices to voice your feelings and dress your home.

Different wall stickers can add different touches of class in your room. For sure, wall sticker is the most convenient and cheap item to decorate your space. If you want to infinite enjoyment to your room, please choose the stickers you like optionally and feel free to contact us if there are any other problems!